Dermural Organic Hand Sanitizer


What is the wonder of Dermural?

The age-old mindset of “skop, skiet and donder” has once again become the primary approach to addressing this new virus crisis – causing serious secondary health complications. Citrus, botanical and spice extracts offer an effective, safer option.

With the onset of the pandemic, we’ve all been encouraged to isolate, social distance and wash hands regularly. As it’s not always possible to have water available, sanitisers came to the forefront. In a short time, however, it has become common knowledge that they may, in themselves, also pose a threat!

Why?  Well. Simply because the vast majority are alcohol based and any Google search will show you that such preparations contain many hidden and serious dangers.

In fact, at a recent webinar, Dr Lucia Anelich, one of SA’s foremost microbiologists, argued that regular use of sanitisers containing high levels of alcohol is less than desirable. Her expert advice is that no more than two minutes should pass before rinsing and applying a hand cream – simply not possible or difficult to achieve for the multitude of people who need to sanitise their hands regularly! And this will only increase as more people get back to the workplace.

Our initial focus is on providing a suitable, effective and safe alternative sanitiser to the wide range of alcohol-based products that have hit the market – creating several additional health problems, from negatively effecting skin microflora to poisoning children who have consumed them by accident.

All the ingredients in Dermural are GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) – safe for you, me, children, the elderly and pets.

We have chosen to look to nature for safe and beneficial alternatives. Plant-based hand sanitisers can be as effective with added benefits when it comes to the immune system, which as we all know by now, is at the centre of the battle for survival against COVID-19.

LAB TEST DONE ON DERMURAL (highlight link and click on go to)


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