About us

Our focus has always been on undertaking a strict policy of honesty and integrity, prompt service, market tested products and attention to detail.

A bit of history...

Mark Allers was successfully part of the Delta Group, from humble beginnings in 2004, and had built itself up to a very successful, major roll player in the temperature, instrumentation and logging business. Well received in many sectors of the business.

The Delta Group office and workshop were destroyed by a fire, as well as three (3) other business premises, after a break-in and arson, in July 2018. This enabled Karin Marais to purchase Delta Group as a going concern and to utilize Mark Allers, whom had studied chemical technical at Port Elizabeth Technicon, and has a background of quality control and sales, to be operational manager for her new brand name, Delta Scorpio.

Mark has retained all the contacts and running of the old Delta Group.