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We supply, calibrate, install and maintain instruments for measuring and logging temperature and weight.

We are a professional service provider to several of South Africa’s leading companies operating in the Mining, Construction, Pharmaceutical and Food Processing sectors.

Our aim is to provide a convenient one-stop shop experience for our clients

If we don’t have it we will find it…


We have a wide product range. If we don't have it we will find it for you.


We install Systems for Remote, Wireless Monitoring and Accurate Data readings.


We supply a Calibration and Certification Service for all your Measuring Equipment


We provide Maintenance, Repairs and Servicing of all your Measuring Equipment.

Delta Scorpio offers a wide range of services in the following categories:

We supply High Performance and Accurate Measuring Equipment for the following:
• Temperature Monitoring and Logging
• Custom Probes for Temperature Logging
• Index of Refraction – Refractometers
• Acidity or Alkalinity – pH Meters
• Fruit Hardness – Penetrometers
• Weight Measurement – Scales
• A variety of Specialised Measuring instrumentation from Custom to Engineered and Special Purposed Made Equipment.

Some General Questions

Yes, we will come out to where you are located and do on site Calibrations and Certifications.

Yes, we do repairs and services to equipment.

Yes, we can recommend Wireless, Remote Logging for installation and monitoring.

Yes, your will get a notification via SMS or email.

Yes, it can be saved in the format that you require.

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